How to use QR code for hotels and resorts?

How to use QR code for hotels and resorts?

> Known Challenges In Hotels & Resorts For Sharing Information

> QR Code for hotel information

> QR Code for room information

> QR Code for hotel activities and entertainments

> QR Code for restaurant and bar menus

> QR Code for city attraction list and maps

> QR Code for hotel map and location

> How To Implement QR Codes In Your Hotel

> How To Manage All Generated QR Codes
>DocDrag Features For Hotel & Resorts


Running a business could always be challenging. Things like costs, customer service, customer satisfaction, and so on are difficult aspects of any business for anybody. Thankfully, technology has simplified some of these challenges for owners over time. At DocDrag, we are constantly trying to come up with new ways to help our customers solve their business problems using our systems.

Hotels are one of the businesses continuously engaged with different customers from all over the world. This aspect can be incredibly challenging for all sorts of reasons. Our Dynamic QR Code System has been crafted to allow the hotel owner to keep a close connection with their guests and update the guests with news or activity in the hotel at any time.

Known Challenges In Hotels & Resorts For Sharing Information

Managing a Hotel can be time-consuming and very costly in certain conditions. It can also get confusing and complicated when it comes to the high number of guests, especially during high seasons. These complications could amount to big problems in chain hotels with multiple branches in different countries.

In this article, we will talk about some of the challenges hotel owners face and offer a simple and effective solution.

Plus, how to implement and manage QR Codes in your hotel or resort.


Sharing hotel information

Sharing your hotel information is always costly and time-consuming as it needs to be managed and shared with guests. It could be about your website, offers, social media, and business links. By using simple Dynamic QR codes for your hotels, you can tackle these challenges. Scanning a QR Code placed on the front desk could guide your guests to a page with all the information they need about your hotel.


Make QR code for hotel information

All in one QR Code

 > Website links

 > Hotel social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.)

 > Hotel Android or iOS apps

 > Picture and video galleries

 > PDFs, and other documents (Word, Powerpoint, TXT, etc.)


Sharing room information

Room information is essential to anyone staying in any hotel around the world. However, printing brochures or verbally explaining this information is always costly and time-consuming and needs to be available for all your guests. This information can be about your check-in and checkout time, breakfast, lunch, and dinner schedule, your safety and security information, or any files or links about the room or hotel. By placing Dynamic QR codes on key cards or in the room, you will easily give all this information to all your guests without spending a lot of money on designing and printing cards, magazines, or brochures to assist your guests.


Make QR code for room information

All in one QR Code

> Website links

> PDFs, and other documents

> Safety information

> Check-in and check-out times

> Review survey


Sharing hotel activities & entertainments

Activities and entertainment programs are crucial to providing guests with an enjoyable and unforgettable time in your hotel or resort. But these activities are constantly changing, and new programs are introduced every day. This change creates a challenge for the hotel owner, who has to consistently provide the means of letting all the guests know about these programs. Therefore, having these programs placed under a dynamic QR code and using it in the rooms, elevators, or corridors will increase guest information and satisfaction.


Make QR code for hotel activities and entertainments

All in one QR Code

> Picture and video galleries

> Website links

> PDFs, and other documents

> Activity schedule

> Information about shows and entertainments


Sharing restaurant menu

One of the biggest challenges faced, especially in higher-class hotels, is sharing the latest restaurant and bar menu with guests every day. Traditionally you’d have to place a new menu every day, everywhere in your restaurant, hotels, and rooms. Having a Dynamic QR Code on your restaurant table and even on the room key card gives a fantastic experience to your guests, who can always find your menu in their hands anywhere in your hotels or resorts.


Make QR code for restaurant and bar menus

All in one QR Code

> PDFs

> Picture galleries

> Website links


City attraction list and maps

A Question most commonly asked in hotels is about the city attractions and how close or far they are from the hotel. These questions meant you would have to provide a list and maps of the city, resulting in high amounts of money and resources spent. By creating a QR Code and placing it in a convenient location like at the reception or the room key card, you can provide your customers with a complete list of attractions on the city map. This way, it is always in their hands anywhere at your hotel, resorts, and even in the city.


Make QR code for city attraction list and maps

All in one QR Code

> Website links

> Location & map links

> PDFs

> Picture galleries

> Videos

> Information on city attractions


Hotel map & location

Providing your customers with a map of the hotel or a map of the city with the hotel location seems like a lot of work. Well, finding a permanent solution to share your hotel maps and the location of your hotel quickly with your guests is easy, a simple QR Code. Using a Dynamic QR Code can help your guests find themself in your hotel easier and find your hotel location easier by always having the QR code on their hands.


Make QR code for hotel map and location

All in one QR Code

> Map location URLs

> Website link

> PDFs


How To Implement QR Codes In Your Hotel

Knowing the solution to the challenges you face while running a hotel raises an important question. How do I implement this Dynamic QR Code system? At DocDrag, we thrive in simplifying QR Code implementation for our users. Using our fully branded solution platform, you can create customized static and dynamic QR Codes suited to your hotel. Our advanced design studio enables you to add your logo to your QR Code, change its color and overall style and export your finalized QR Code in various formats such as SVG, PNG or even PDF.

The DocDrag platform also allows you to create shortlinks for almost everything like websites, documents, social media or even videos. Scanning the QR code directs your guests to a personalized domain, containing links that help guide them to their desired information, such as restaurant menus, activity schedules, or hotel information.

QR code generator for hotel and resorts - DocDrag

QR code generator for hotel and resorts - DocDrag

QR code generator for hotel and resorts - DocDrag

How To Manage All Generated QR Codes

DocDrag gives you the ability to manage, customize and edit your shortlink and QR Codes via a central hub. You can edit, remove or add any information through this central hub without having to regenerate or reshare your short links or QR codes. In addition, this central hub allows you to manage, organize, access, and analyze all the dynamic QR codes and static QR Codes that you have created and shared.

For major businesses like hotels using QR codes, it is crucial to keep track of all your codes. It is important to know if they are generating feedback from guests or if you need to try a different approach. For this reason, we have come up with advanced analysis software.


DocDrag Platform helps you to do the following:

> Analyses for every dynamic QR code and Shortlink

> Location & time-based QR code scan and shortlink analysis

> Unique and total QR code scan analysis

> Feedback analysis

> Automatic mail QR code reporting

> Manual QR code reporting

> QR code comparison analyses


We hope this article has helped you make a decision on how you can manage your hotel efficiently and cost-effectively. If you have any questions about implementing the QR Code solution in your business, please don’t hesitate to contact us. If you are looking to start managing your company using QR codes, don’t waste any more time and sign up for a free DocDrag trial now.