How to generate bulk QR codes in a minute?

How To Generate Bulk QR Codes In A Minute?


> What is Bulk Creator?

> Why Generate QR Codes in Bulk?
> Different Types of QR Codes You Can Create in Bulk


What is Bulk creator?

Some businesses or events need multiple QR codes to organize everything. By multiple, we mean hundreds or even thousands like a big concert or a football match. However, creating a unique QR code for every seat at a stadium, every box in an inventory or every employee’s business card can be challenging and time-consuming. So here’s where bulk creation comes in.

Bulk QR code creation is needed when you need to generate a large number of unique QR codes or URLs to organize an event or your business. The bulk creation process takes minutes and is really simple and straightforward. Using

DocDrag bulk creation systems will not only save you an enormous amount of time and headache, but you also save a lot of money.

Why generate QR Codes in bulk?

Generating QR codes in bulk can have many advantages for a business. The fast process can eliminate a lot of work hours, resulting in a lot of time being saved. The time saved can actually be spent doing other valuable activities to

manage your business. Bulk Generation of QR codes would also help in marketing campaigns which will help analyze the audience who have scanned your codes.

Different types of QR codes you can create in bulk

Surprisingly there are a few different types of QR codes you can generate in bulk. There is a limit though, and that is because there are limited variables you can adjust. the types of QR codes you can create in bulk are:


> Static Bulk QR Codes

Static QR codes are a lot simpler than dynamic QR codes. Unfortunately, these codes aren’t editable, and they give limited feedback, making them unsuitable for analysis. Yet creating them could come in handy considering their use and budget-friendly nature. Generating Static URL QR codes in bulk gives you the ability to generate a large number of QR codes leading to different URLs all within a minute.

You can generate a static QR code in bulk for all the below items:

> Bulk QR code for website
> Bulk QR code for social media
> Bulk QR code for product offer
> Bulk QR code for product page
> Bulk QR code for product documents
> Bulk QR code for map location
> Bulk QR code for Youtube videos
> Bulk QR code for business card
> Bulk QR code for events
> Bulk QR code for Call
> Bulk QR code for Email
> Bulk QR code for WhatsUp
> Bulk QR code for Paypal
> Bulk QR code for Bitcoin
> Bulk QR code for Zoom meeting
> Bulk QR code for Skype


The most common bulk QR codes are generated for VCard and Plain Text, which are explained below how to make Static Bulk QR codes for them.


vCard QR Codes
vCards or VCFs (Virtual Contact Files) are mainly used by businesses for their employees. These virtual cards are able to maintain personal and business information such as name, job title, phone numbers, emails, office address and more. Each employee could have a vCard QR code on their phone or ID card, or even their business card, which would lead to their complete business information upon scanning.

Plain Text QR Codes
The most popular bulk QR code is generated for Plain Text which is beneficial for all kinds of alphanumeric information. For example, you can use them for organizing inventory or to write messages or valuable pieces of information for your customers. In addition, plain text QR codes come with their own perk; they don’t need internet access to view the file; any device you use to scan these codes would use its default text viewer to view the text.

DocDrag provides 2 simple ways to generate static QR codes in Bulk:

> Bulk QR code based on serial

> Bulk QR code based on imported Excel file


> Dynamic Bulk QR Codes

The most advantage of a Dynamic QR code

is that you can modify or trace your Dynamic QR codes. Below, you will learn how to generate a bulk QR code for dynamic links.


How to generate Static QR codes based on series in bulk in 3 steps


1. Sign up free for DocDrag Platform


2. Click on “Generate Series Bulk” for our menu sidebar

Bulk QR code in Series with DocDrag


3. Enter your Bulk QR code details :

1- Enter a title for your Bulk QR code

2- Enter the fixed part of your text (e.g. Serial-Number)

3- Enter the start and end numbers (e.g. from 1 to 100)

4- Click on “Generate”

Bulk QR code in Series with DocDrag


Your QR codes are ready. Download your bulk QR code as a zip file or print it directly via DocDrag platform.

Bulk QR code in Series with DocDrag


Bulk QR code in Series with DocDrag

How to generate Static QR codes in bulk from an Excel file in 4 steps:

1. Sign up free for DocDrag Platform


2. Create an Excel file for example for links, URLs, vCards, Emails, numbers, etc.

Bulk Excel qr code DocDrag


3. Click on “Generate Bulk From Excel” for our menu sidebar


4. Provide a title for your bulk and import your excel file, then click on “Generate”


Your QR codes are ready. Download your bulk QR code as a zip file or print it directly via DocDrag platform.

How to generate Dynamic QR Codes in bulk in 5 steps?

Dynamic QR codes help you analyze the traffic on your page and are also editable even after print. Dynamic URL QR codes lead to URLs, and when generating these QR codes in bulk, they all could have different URLs leading to various sites. These URLs can be edited even after the QR code has been published, plus the dynamic nature of the code allows you to detect and analyze when and where it was scanned.

1. Sign up free for DocDrag Platform


2. Create a category and subcategories for your dynamic QR codes


3. Copy all the shortlinks of your subcategories in an Excel file


4. Click on “Generate Bulk From Excel” from the menu sidebar


5. Provide a title for your bulk and import your excel file, then click on “Generate”


Your QR codes are ready. Download your bulk QR code as a zip file or print it directly via DocDrag platform.

Best Practices for Generating QR Codes in Bulk

There are many essential points you need to keep in mind when generating QR codes in bulk. Hopefully, these points will help you get the traffic and feedback you need to expand your business.


Make sure it looks good

Designing a perfect QR code could be challenging and time-consuming, but the result will be worth the trouble. So designing a QR in bulk is that much more important. ‘Design’ is what draws the attention of the user, and ‘Place’ is what grabs it.


Place it where it counts

Given that QR codes first appeared as barcode replacements and didn’t have the uses they do today, traditionally, they were placed in tiny corners so they wouldn’t distract the user. Today though, QR codes are more important than ever. They are transferring valuable and vital information to everyone on a daily basis. So putting them in a tiny corner wouldn’t help them or you. In fact, try placing your QR codes in a prominent spot because after you grab that attention, you need to call it to action.


Don’t forget to call to action

You’ve drawn your user’s attention with an excellent design, and grabbed it in the right place at the right time, but this means nothing if you don’t do something with it. For example, tell the user that you want them to scan the code. Interact with the user, and they will interact back. A simple call to action can make a big difference.


Double-check everything

Spending time and effort doing something only to realize you’ve done it wrong can be devastating. Keeping the text below the character limit in the plain text QR code can help a fast and smooth scan. Or running spell check on the URLs on your static QR codes would help prevent the devastation and save a lot of trouble.


Keep the QR code simple

Storing a lot of information on a static QR code would add more tiny square pixels to the code, making it look too complicated. A lot of small squares on a QR code could make it harder for scanning devices to read the code. Doing this is particularly important in industrial uses where it is essential to process a lot of QR codes in a very short amount of time.


Save a QR code for next time

As we mentioned before, designing a QR code with the colors and the logo could take a lot of time and effort, so when you finally find the right design, save it for the future.

Generating QR codes in bulk has many uses for a company or a business that handles many products or a lot of customers. By using the DocDrag bulk QR Code generator, you can save yourself a lot of trouble and save your wallet a lot of money. If you have any questions about implementing the bulk QR Code solution, please don’t hesitate to contact us. If you are looking to start making your bulk QR codes, don’t waste any more time and sign up for a free DocDrag trial now.