How QR codes improve customer onboarding?!

Read about how QR codes improve customer onboarding:

  • What is customer onboarding?
  • Why is customer onboarding so important for your business and how QR code and Shortlink help to improve it?
  • How to improve customer onboarding with QR code?

What is customer onboarding?

Customer onboarding is the nurturing process that gets new users and customers informed and comfortable with your product. follow this article to see how QR code generator and shortlink creator can help you on this matter.


Why is customer onboarding so important for your business and how QR code help to improve it?

Enable new users to be quickly onboarded via QR code on your products and confirms to your customers that they made the right choice by using branded QR codes on your products. You’ve obviously an awesome product. The good thing is that your customers already like you, and they already believe in your product, that’s why they bought it. It’s your job to keep it that way. Customers just require some hand-holding as they get started with access to your product documentation via QR codes.

Here are a few points that prove the importance of onboarding with QR code.

> Do not lose your new users within the first year, let them know how to use your product via QR code.

> Most revenue comes from existing customers, keep them happy with having always manual on hand with QR codes.

> Customer retention lowers acquisition costs and increases revenue just by using QR codes on your products.

> In other words, user onboarding is imperative to customer retention and, in turn, your business growth.


How QR code help you to improve customer onboarding?

The main two reasons that customers churn are 1) they don’t understand your product, and 2) they don’t obtain any value from it.

With DocDrag and its QR code generator, you can solve both of these issues and increase customer lifetime value (LTV), reduce churn, and turn new users into raving fans.

With the DocDrag system and its QR code generator, we make sure the customer experience using your product is as good as your sales process and fulfills the promises made in your marketing efforts. You want to create a seamless customer experience from the very first touchpoint through the post-purchase stage by letting them find all your product data via QR codes.

The following three techniques will generally help increase customer onboarding, no matter what…



> Provide users with quick access to your product documents vis QR code and Shortlink

When a user first gets your product, they need to reach the product documents as soon as possible. They need to experience the value of your product. Educate your customer by offering great content. QR code on products is becoming a more common form of training. Mobile learning with QR codes allows your customers to leverage learning on-the-go through mobile devices like tablets and smartphones. Videos are a useful and engaging tool as they are short, to-the-point, and explicit in nature, and easily can be easily watched and viewed via scanning a QR code or clicking on shortlinks.



> Provide access to online product training and manuals by QR code and Shortlink for your customers
When a user first gets your product, they need proper training or easy access to your manuals, and let’s make it online for them, anywhere and anytime available for users. QR codes are the most trending and rapidly transforming form of training. This can be leveraged for both small and large groups. Though the investment this training methodology asks for is quite less, the learner engagement rates are often found to be remarkably high. It is because of the flexibility that Scanning QR code offers. your customers can learn and absorb information at their convenience with the help of a smart device and internet connection by just scanning your QR codes and using the generated shortlinks.



> Provide users Mobile Learning possibility with QR code and Shortlink access
Providing information and training documents via QR code is a solution to train on-the-go employees and customers anywhere, anytime. Mobile learning with the help of QR codes is an essential tool quickly growing in popularity. There is no platform more familiar than a smartphone. People check their phones multiple times a day and use them to look up information regularly. When it comes to customer training, there are many advantages to using mobile learning with just scanning your QR code to access your documents, links, or any information. Mobile learning is a way that engages a multigenerational audience. Mobile learning with QR codes also gives customers 24 x 7 access to learning materials and your product documents. This makes it easier for your customer to look up information and train whenever they want to. Giving the right flexibility to customers to learn and grasp product information will help QR code to retain knowledge for a longer duration. Like other online platforms, mobile learning via QR codes gives customers a way to practice their skills and instantly receive unbiased feedback.

Let your users be proud of using your product by getting to know how to use your product by attaching QR code to your products.



If it is enough for you to see how Qr codes improve customer onboarding, Contact us for more information and sign up for the free DocDrag trial.

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