All About QR Code That We Need To Know!

All About QR Code That We Need To Know!

> What is a QR code?

> How do QR codes work?

> What is static QR code?

> What is Dynamic QR code?

> What is QR code Generator?

> Are QR codes safe?

> What are the different styles of QR codes?


Today, there are thousands of people who are using QR Codes. Moreover, it has been stated that in the year 2022, everyone will start or have already started using the QR Code in order to diversify their marketing tactics and also to strengthen the materials available for the advertising purpose along with the collaterals.

As you may have noticed, today, many restaurants and even cafes and Hotels have special QR Codes on their tables or rooms that you can scan with your phone camera, which will then display the food, beverage menu, or room information.

QR Codes have a unique idea behind them, and it is to create an image that can be read and processed by any device simply by scanning them. In fact,

they have data that can point to a particular website or even an application instead. There are two types of QR Codes developed mainly; the Static QR Code and the Dynamic QR Code.


What is a QR Code?

QR Code stands for Quick Response Code. They look like a pixelated barcode in a square shape with tiny square pixels in random parts, creating a unique pattern. These patterns are considered alphanumeric or even numeric and, at the same time, binary. You can scan these codes using your phone or a barcode scanner which directs you to a specific URL or text or any other information. The unique QR code system came into existence in 1994 by Masahiro Hara from the Japanese company Denso Wave.

However, today, QR codes are even used broader and more comprehensively for both commercial tracking processes and the convenience-oriented applications available. As a result, the practical uses of QR codes are vast, especially

for effective marketing and advertising of products, branding, training, services, and anything else that comes to mind.


How do QR Codes work?

Just like a barcode, information is translated into binary form (ones and zeros) and stored in the patterns on a QR Code. The size and alignment of the black and white squares on a QR code are encoded texts or URLs that are immediately translated into English upon scanning by an optical sensor (AKA your phone’s camera).


Types of QR codes?

QR codes are conventionally divided into static and dynamic. The difference between these types is in the way they store information which we will explain below.

Static QR Code

Static QR Codes are basically fixed, meaning they cannot be changed or modified in any way. By scanning a static QR code, you are led to a URL that should never change or be modified. A static QR Code might be useful as a restaurant menu or on anything left untouched for long periods of time, but using it on products or adverts could lead to many issues and complications. The URL for products, adverts, or pharmaceuticals constantly changes due to updates or new versions. If a URL is modified and you use a static QR code on the product, the new URL would render the old QR code useless. Therefore, to fix this problem, dynamic QR codes were introduced.

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Dynamic QR Code

Dynamic QR Codes are visually no different from static ones, but scanning a dynamic QR code sends the users to a short URL that later re-directs them to the final destination site URL provided. The short URL simply works just like the intermediary that can easily connect the QR code along with data for the users. The data even can be designed as a landing page for selected resources such as weblinks, Social media links, Videos, Youtube links, Audio files, and any type of files (e.g. .docx, .pptx, .pdf, ..).

Once the QR code is generated, you will be able to edit or change the URL or all the resources behind the QR codes. There is a reason why dynamic QR codes are better than static QR codes. For example, suppose an individual constantly changes their mind regarding how they desire to use their website URL or they would like to share different files and links. They also wish to use their URL on different websites and social media like Meta (Facebook) or Instagram. With a Static QR Code, the individual must generate a new QR code every time they change their URL or resources, and doing that can be time-consuming and even impossible at times. With a Dynamic QR code, though, all the URL and file modifications would be possible, and the generated QR code wouldn’t need to be regenerated and changed.

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QR Code Generator

By QR code generator, we simply mean the software that merely stores the data into a particular QR code, such as documents, files, links, or even an address belonging to a website.

Building a QR code can be done quickly with the help of our online QR code generator All you need to do is simply create a QR code by just typing the data and designing it based on your desired shape or format and then download the image in a high-resolution PNG or even vector graphic.

Now you are able to print the final free QR code or even embed it on the website with our clickable QR codes and make sure it is available to all.


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Are QR Codes safe?

Generally, QR Codes are a safe and convenient way to get the information you need. However, there is always the dark side. Some people are always trying to find new ways to take advantage of different technologies. In this case, hackers could create QR Codes to guide the user to a malicious website, resulting in a credential or identity theft. However, at DocDrag, we take serious measures to prevent such uses. We strive to continuously examine the code to identify risk factors for users and maintain user information security. The information our software collects includes:

> The location.

> The number of times the code was scanned.

> The time of the scan.


What are the different styles of QR Codes?

Various combinations can be utilized to encrypt the data in the QR Code system, and it is even possible to use different combinations in one QR Code. In addition to these standard systems for QR Codes, current versions have been developed in recent years, including the following:

> MicroQR: Include 11 by 11 squares with a maximum capacity of 35 characters.

> IQR code: Capacity to store 80% more data with the same volume as regular code

> FrameQR: Ability to produce an image in code

> SQRC: Storing private data alongside public information, the first of which can nothing but be read by unique scanners

Today, you can generate free QR codes for your websites. You can say that QR codes are among the most widely and frequently used types of code with two dimensions. Apart from all these, you can see QR codes being used even for storing bank information and credit card details. QR codes even became very handy during the Covid-19 pandemic as a great way to display information and even for payment purposes without having to touch anything but your phone. Create and design dynamic and static QR codes with our advanced design studio.